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Elizabeth Davison BSc (Hons) Physio, M.C.S.P

Registered with the Health Professions Council.

My Background

I qualified in 1994 from the University of Teesside and served 18 years with the National Health Service in a wide variety of disciplines developing both generalist and specialist physiotherapy knowledge and skills.
I also worked in a well established busy private physiotherapy and sports injury clinic which expanded my range of skills further.
During these times I was involved with delivering specialist physiotherapy to Middlesbrough Football Club players before and after surgery.
I became the lead physiotherapist on the regional neurology centre at Middlesbrough General Hospital in 1997.
In 2000 I, along with other health care professionals, set up the therapy service to the brand new Golden Jubilee Regional Spinal Cord Injury Specialist Centre at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. In 2006 I became the therapy team leader, being one of only 8 specialist spinal cord injury team leaders in the U.K. I lead a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and assistants in delivering specialist care and rehabilitation to disabled people.
Professional Conferences, Awards, and Published Articles
Working closely with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors I instigated and hosted many multi-professional conferences aimed at health and social care professionals.

The conferences gave specialist advice and training and where endorsed by The Royal College of Physicians.



I have also taught undergraduates from The Universitities Of Teesside, and York. 

I hold a national Kite Mark for excellence in teaching respiratory skills from the University of Teesside and held the title of honoury lecturer. 

Recently I contributed to an article on Thalidomide impairement published by The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy.
In June 2012 I joined the British Red Cross as a volunteer providing support to humanitarian causes.
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